What separates Maryland Junk Removal from other junk haulers isn’t just our unparalleled customer service, our professionalism or our courteous, uniformed staff that completes its work quickly and safely. It is also our pricing. We use bigger trucks, which can carry more. That saves you money, even on the smallest jobs. Our crews are punctual because we understand your time is valuable. Time is money. That is why we are at your scheduled appointment on time, every time.

We also believe in:

  • Upfront Pricing
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Competitive Rates

The size of our trucks for general junk removal is 12 feet long. Sometimes we even send our 13-foot truck for only a little more. We offer larger trucks and Dumpsters for large commercial jobs. Our crews are experienced in packing trucks, placing items in the best spaces possible to maximize space and save you money. It’s a constant game of real-life Tetris.



We believe in getting you the most for your money. We don’t just throw everything in and make it look full by putting large stuff by the doors.

Our prices start at only $120 dollars. Our prices are based on volume, meaning you pay for the amount of space your junk took up in the truck. These prices include trucking, labor for disposal and basic recycling fees, unless otherwise noted. Our prices are communicated upfront with no surcharges. We won’t give you a quote and then tack on a 18% fuel surcharge.

The only other charges beyond the regular truckload pricing that might come up with us, but we will tell you upfront, are:

  1. CRT Recycling – additional $25/each
  2. Heavy Load – Additional charge, depending on the weight.
  3. Trucking distance – driving further with our trucks than 24 miles from 21209
  4. Dismantling – $90/hour, plus supplies
  5. Supplies – Cost of supplies (We don’t sell them at a premium; that’s not the business that were in!)
  6. Loading-If it takes longer than 2 hours per truckload. $90/hr after 2 hrs. (Most trucks we load between 45 minutes and 1hour and 15 minutes.)

Contact us for more about how we price and what it will cost for us to remove your junk.

* Prices subject to change. These prices are for residential and office junk removal. Heavy items, tires, CRT monitors and paint may incur additional charges.